Life of No Regrets-Touch of Metta

Touch records time.

Imagine holding the hand of someone you share love. Can be someone who’s no longer present. Love doesn’t die. 

You reach because you need to feel them. They need to feel you. While in our bodies, maybe our energy wants to maximize this sense we take for granted. Can you feel the size of their hand? Do you feel the unspoken adjustments made to fit? Notice how body temperature is mutually merged? Superficial surface radiates from visceral. Touch can feel as vital as breathing. So your body’s intellect saves physical memories for mental replays.

 Love is more than a person, a song theme, a justification, a scripture to read. Love is what we never seem to have enough of. here. As babies, our crying is often silenced by a pair of loving arms holding our small body. As adults, a gap of separation is filled by the loving touch of another. 

Once touched, forever etched. 

Touch is therapeutic. 

Imagine touching someone’s sad cheeks with tenderness.  Sadness sprouts from a space of vacancy. We try to erase it in many ways. But, how do you erase a hole that housed a cherished guest?  Healing is misunderstood. It depends on what is broken. Physical is mechanics. We’ve got fabricated replacements. But, emotional…that’s as vast as space. 

Your fingertips absorb warm teardrops as your palm cups the cheek. Your hands provide the oldest form of healing to humanity. Your heartfelt desire to pull out sorrow is therapeutic emotional gardening. A loving and kind presence nourishes depleted ground. It is a means of mixing old dirt with new soil; fertilizing it with magical ingredients and opening space for the energy to grow. 

We were born to touch. Nature is the periodic chart. No touch, no nurture. No nurture, nocebo. 

Try it. It’s not just for sadness or sex. If you focus on the first sense you were given, maybe the others can be used better and more wisely. 

Touch is restorative.

Imagine being hugged with love. Not your customary quick hug. (They still matter. Touch is connection) It can be friend, family, lover or stranger. Both bodies embracing without an agenda. A silent message expressing gratitude of the other’s presence.  Feel the warmth. The safety. The boost of confidence. The confirmation that your matter matters. 

You can touch someone with your smile. By saying hello. By locking eyes longer than your mind’s fear based response to stop. Those extra few seconds is what touches you. Records good notes of time. 

It restores your mojo, minimizes  worries and levels multiple scales of checks and balances in the mind’s OCD world of responsibilities. In the end, all that goes away. The good stuff…how you made others feel loved…how others made you feel loved…that’s worthy of extending and widening Memory Lane. 

Touch is a language.

We understand it from the beginning. It either feels right or wrong. There is no gray area. Some ‘speak’ it with loving-kindness (metta) and some don’t give it much thought. Like all languages, you must practice it. And, touch is a love language of many dialects. But, the heart of the message is understood. 

The most misinterpreted messages are often the unsaid. Our physicalized energy bodies core communication is touch. What you see, hear, taste or smell can make you feel a certain way. Feelings are energetic touch.

You listen to music; but, notes resonate beyond the ear’s sound engineering system. You read a text and your mind quickly tries to interpret the tone. We can get technical and talk about the brain’s neurological design or the chemistry of the endocrine system or psychological reasoning. But, the language of your life experiences is what you know. Most of us need to polish up on our vocabulary. Or, just learn a whole new language. The root words of worth will stay. Much like Latin.

Practice the language with yourself. Practice it with those close to you. Practice it wherever you go. By expanding your vocabulary, you will touch more than you know. And, you just might understand and appreciate there are no coincidences…but rather, cowinkydinks. 

Smile…it’s only a word. How it touches you, that’s the story. 


About valgoodman11

Practitioner of the alchemy of yoga. RYT-500: Certified in Thai Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga for MS. I blend new approaches with classic moves. Vintage and novelty make a great practice.
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